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University Semester 1 in Graph Form

As of today I have completed my first semester of uni (except exams, but I'm trying to keep them out of my mind). I have learnt a lot this semester both academically and personally. After the first few weeks of settling in and getting used to the busy schedule and cooking and cleaning I began to feel quite at ease and have greatly enjoyed being involved in university life and in Hall activities. I thought I'd share a brief insight into my life this first semester visually through some interesting graphs I've made/collated.
These first few graphs come from my Habits app, which I discussed in my most recent blog post. The solid dates indicate I completed the given activity that day and the more faded shade means I was still meeting my target for the week (eg: I only aimed to read 2 days a week, but I aimed to play guitar 5 days a week)

For reference: Red=Workout, Green=Run, Light Blue=Guitar, Yellow=Read, White=Writing and Bright Blue=Meditating
It is interesting to me that it took so long to get back into writing, as I had a lot of experiences at the start of this year, however I suppose I was spending less time writing and more time trying to get used to this new routine, a new place and many new friends. I was quite pleased with my amount of guitar playing and reading and I'm aiming to keep those two up, as they are both relaxing and I can learn a lot doing both of them. I think my main focus next semester to improve will be my writing though as I would like to have more practice and write here more often.
Now from a more academic angle, here are some graphs of my coding progress throughout the semester to give you an idea of what 1st sem Computer Science looks like:

The first graph shows the total number of lines of code written for classes versus the number of minutes spent in class. The Java and Python classes are for university, and the C course I have only just recently started on Udemy and is not currently part of my formal education. As well as this the HTML/CSS/JS is also exterior to uni and includes rapp (which I have written about previously) as well as a personal project I am working on which utilises the Github API.
I was quite surprised with the amount of code I've written in both Java and Python and pleased to see that I had written almost one line per minute spent in class/lectures for Python as this is great practice. It can be seen in the week distribution graph how helpful my Week 7 assignment was for Python as I wrote a lot of code for that class then, while neglecting any work in Java, and I do think the lack of projects within the Java class was a shame and perhaps weakened the course overall.
All things considered however I did have a great first semester and I am looking forward greatly to continue learning interesting things. In the meantime, wish me luck for exams and I'll catch you on the flip-side.

-etopiei (26/5/17)

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