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UniHack 2019 - Reflection

This year I once again participated in UniHack, this has been a wonderful experience for me in previous years (2018, 2017) and I was really looking forward to competing again. This year our teams idea was to create an app which would help people have safer commutes on public transport. This is a particularly important issue right now as many people feel unsafe in the city espcially at night. It was really great to tackle a large social problem at UniHack and definitely different to most other projects I had undertaken.

For this project I largely worked on the server, which communicated with the routing system and the queried the data we had gathered to return to the Front-End app information about where they want to go, and which routes pose which dangers. This was a lot of fun, and while I struggled at times working with promises in node requests and waiting for query results the result was a fairly clean interface for the front-end to get any information it needed.

While we didn't win any prizes this year I was pleased with what we managed to create, as for the large part we were able to create a working prototype, and it was really valuable experience.

Aside from the actual competition, meeting really cool people from different organisations and universities was another highlight and I really appreciate all the work of the UniHack team and partner organisations to make this year a great success.

If you'd like to check out the code go here: Code
Also check out our devpost here: DevPost

That's all for now, catch you guys soon.

- etopiei (3/5/2019)

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