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Apple Music Review (One Week In)

Just this week I have signed up for apple music. A few things drove this decision, my beginning university being the main motivator (I felt I could use some study jams), as well as the desire to pay for music, and to discover a broad array of new artists. I've been especially impressed thus far with Telstra, as with my pre-paid plan they offer free Apple Music Data, which really makes or breaks a music streaming service in my opinion. Listening to music on wifi can be achieved fairly easily through youtube and other streaming sites, yet being able to listen to literally any song I want while on the go has been a real revelation. Just the other day I was driving home and just hit the play button and off I went, listening to a bunch of new and interesting music all the way home, with essentially no cost.
One gripe I have with apple music is that its discovery ability is not nearly as good as Spotify. Finding new albums and releases was simple yet finding music of a certain vibe or mood was quite difficult. The genres are severely lacking containing only very broad categories and no user playlists are available, only the apple curated playlists, which while good, were not as numerous as one may hope.
I have discovered a tool though (called STAMP) which can transfer playlists from Spotify to Apple Music so I will perhaps transfer a few of my favourite playlists across and enjoy them on Apple Music that way. But this loophole seems unnecessary and slightly annoying, and I feel as though Apple is a bit behind the 8-ball in terms of allowing user playlists sharing. However this is one small flaw in an otherwise wonderful system.
The android app works beautifully, and looks smooth and silky. It has intuitive controls and is a piece of cake for iTunes users, I am a huge fan of album art, so having that all load by default has been a pure joy. All in all I am very happy with the experience and am really enjoying the app, and just listening to more music in general.

- etopiei

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