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Live Below the Line - Day 2

Today marked the second day of the live below the line challenge, wherein I, and several other friends would spend only $2 each day on food for five days. This day was quite a busy one and this certainly helped take my mind off the apples sitting on my table and the other forbidden items in my pantry and fridge. Never the less hunger did find me and once it did it continually reminded me of its presence, these reminders coming in the form of groans and grumbles in my stomach.
The day began early with an 8am lecture, and afterwards I once again stuck into my breakfast of pancakes, which were quite nice. It was then a long wait until a lunch of pasta with a cheese sauce for lunch, this boost in energy got me through my next two classes. Unfortunately on the way to my 2pm class I noticed a BBQ and the smell of sausages was a very unwelcome distraction for me as I fought to think of other things.
The trickiest stretch of the day was between 1 and 7, as I had no food in this time, as I had a class at 6:00. I felt quite tired during this time and even took a nap for half an hour before my class. This time, which would usually be occupied by extreme snacking was now completely food-free and this came as quite a shock to my body.
I did however learn something from today, as early on in the day I had my friend Nick over for a few hours. During this time I made him a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, and while it may seem a bad idea to be around food that you cannot eat, I found it quite satisfying doing something for someone else purely for them. Had I been able to eat I certainly would have gotten in on that action, but because I couldn't it was just something for Nick, and it felt good doing something for someone, when you have nothing to gain from it. Upon reflection this made me realise that kindness doesn't come from your circumstances but from your heart, and that each of us can always help a fellow friend as it really doesn't take much sometimes. Anyway that's my reflections from the day, and I'll be back tomorrow to tell you again how things are going, so stay tuned, updates coming soon.
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- etopiei (2/5/17 9:38pm)

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