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Live Below the Line - Day 3+4

Unfortunately I forgot to write post yesterday, but I'm back for more now. Of course I mean this in a figurative sense as at the moment I cannot be 'back for more'. The last few days of the Live Below the Line challenge has presented its own unique set of challenges. Today I used up my emergency bar as I began the final push toward the end. Our team plans to go get a HSP at midnight Saturday morning to celebrate the conclusion of the challenge and I look forward to this event immensely, as does my stomach.
However these past few days I have learnt the benefits of eating less, and one enormous benefit is time. I find myself struggling to think what to do between classes, where I would usually whip up a ham and cheese toastie or get stuck into some hash browns, I now find myself reading, watching videos or listening to music. This has had a positive effect on my emotional well-being and while wearied from the small amount of food, I feel engaged mentally and am still aiming to make the best of each day.
I have an app on my phone which I find very helpful, in fact I may write a blog post about how I use this app in the future, but I digress. The app is called Habits and has a remarkably simple and nice interface where you just tick off if you did some task or goal everyday. For me these include: reading, writing, meditating, working out, running, coding and playing guitar. This gives you a rather wonderful insight into your life balance at a glance and motivate me to do these things more often. I deliberately don't have uni or work related tasks here, as while they are important and take pride of place in my 2Do app, its very easy to get caught up in those things and taking time out for yourself can make a big difference to your day.
Anyway I have let me mind ramble and I must now return to the task at hand, talking about my experience with Live Below the Line. All in all, I have found myself with a greater appreciation for the little things that effect people in poverty, while I'm living on much less food I still come home to a cosy bed at night and I still am receiving a wonderful education experience at uni every day, and the truth is, that this is a luxury that is not enjoyed by all. So most of all I've been trying to be grateful for things the last few days, enjoying time with friends on and off the team because while food is necessary there is so much more to life, and missing those things can have an adverse effect of similar proportions.
I'll sign out now, and get some rest before my lecture, but I'll be back soon to tell you about the conclusion of the challenge and how good the HSP tasted. Until then, stay cool and remember if you would like to donate follow this link.

- etopiei (4/5/17 12:05am) P.S. Yes I know its not the 4th anymore, but come on, I'm so close, I wanted to finish this before midnight.

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